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Welcome to the farm Zelená Bohdaneč. We breed english sheep Romney March - Kent and Suffolk, beef cattle Aberdeen - Angus and Highland Cattle and hungary pigs Mangalica. Sheep, cattle and pigs we breed all year round on pasture near Bohdaneč. This method of breed ensures that the animals are in excellent condition, they are naturally resistant and have especially excellent meat quality.

ECO Sheep breeding

Our herd of sheep has over 700 sheep we behave grazing manner without permanent housing. The breed has combined wool - meat production. Sheep are flexible, easy to acclimatise and tolerates moist climatic conditions. They are resistant to various diseases. Wool is white and shiny.

ECO Cattle breeding

Aberdeen - Angus cattle is among the most popular cattle in the world for it's steaks and other meat dishes. Angus meat is high quality, finely fibrous, tender and juicy. It features fine marbling, which gives it a typical and inimitable taste. Currently, the farm has over 100 animals.

Pig breeding

We are breeding pig breed Mangalica, which features excellent quality meat with a specific taste. Pasture farming method throughout the year clearly affects the health of our pigs. Our herd of pigs has over 70 animals.

Our services:

  • Hammering piles
  • Building fences - complete solution
  • Pressing of hay - we offer ECO pressed hay

Quick contact:

Jiří Tvrdík
Cell: +420 603 180 329


Cider house OPEN (PDF download).

New products in our company store.


  • Czech honey
  • Kosher
  • Regional food

Quick contact

Zelená Bohdaneč s.r.o.
Bohdaneč 140 (map)
285 25
Tel.: +420 327 591 038
Email: info@zelenabohdanec.cz

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